Equipment and systems to provide your produce, staff, and customers with a comfortable environment.

Expertly designed and installed, our high-quality ventilation systems allow greater control over air temperature and quality, ensuring optimal conditions.

For more than 55 years, Hydor have provided flexibility in ventilation applications within glasshouses, polytunnels and garden centres. Ensuring that the system designs increase air movement and offer significant reductions in fungal diseases such as Botrytis; particularly in winter months when vents are closed and natural airflow is reduced.

Ventilation systems for horticulture are more than fans alone; a full system includes controls, automated inlets and outlets, re-circulation fans and evaporative cooling.

Our extensive range of products allows us to provide the industry with the very best. Our control systems provide a comprehensive array of features including the supply, operation and regulation of fans, curtains, heaters, cooling systems, management programs, and data monitoring and collection.

Horticulture Applications


Ventilation in greenhouses maximises plant growth and reduces fungal diseases by creating an even temperature and a desirable environment. Healthier plants can be grown and problems with disease associated with high humidity or stale air lessened.


Air movement is essential to ensure a successful crop. Hydor will assess the crop needs, size and location of the polytunnel structure to provide the best possible solution.

Garden Centres

Re-circulating the air ensures an even temperature throughout and a better growing environment. This reduces the run time of heaters, impacting heating bills. Cold spots will be eliminated providing more growing areas and increased plant growth.

Products Suitable for Horticulture

Turbulator Recirculation Fan 500mm

Turbulator Recirculation Fan 500mm

Munters Rotem Communicator

Munters Rotem Communicator

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