Have you been accepted for the latest DEFRA FETF grant?

Use the Government’s new Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) to purchase and save £500 on ventilation systems for your farm

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Farmers can take advantage of the huge savings of up to 40% available on our HVSS Tube Ventilation System.

The system supplies fresh air to all parts of a farm building and is proven to reduce pneumonia infections in livestock. If you’ve been accepted and would like to purchase a Tube Ventilation System then get in touch and we’ll help guide you through the process.

Increase Yield & Productivity

Help improve animal welfare and get them happy and healthy while increasing productivity

Save for Now & the Future

Get £500 off each system using the DEFRA FETF grant now while saving on future vet bills with proven results

Simple Installation

Our tubes come in lengths of up to 100ft and can be positioned according to your requirements.

See how Rhys Lewis, former BBC Young Farmer of the Year, significantly reduced cases of pneumonia in his calf shed with a Hydor Tube Ventilation System

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What goes into a Hydor Tube Ventilation System?

High efficiency, British made, HXP plate fan

With a heavy duty construction, the HXP range is a high quality, hard working fan that is not only designed and built in the UK, but has been and tested extensively in agricultural environments. The range features a highly efficient and robust motor for proven reliability, a long life, and trouble-free operation alongside the renowned Elta Fans impeller.

Strong Polyprothelene Tube that withstands tough agricultural environments

Available in up to 34m (100ft) with holes positioned according to your exact requirements. The tube extends the length of the shed sitting above the animal height. This, combined with our fan, delivers fresh air to all parts of the building, diluting airborne pathogens and irritants.

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