Chimney Tube Fans

Introducing Agri-Max, the chimney tube fan from Hydor. Specialising in agricultural ventilation for over 55 years, and known for our square Agri-Jet roof fan, we have designed & built our very own round chimney fan.


630mm, 710mm & 800mm

Agri-Max XL


You asked, we listened.

We have designed & built a fan that fits in to existing chimneys right here in the UK meaning next day delivery on all 4 sizes and also any spares required. Replace the fans in your current chimneys or install in a new build, plus all units have 3 year warranty.

Unbeatable Availability

Built & stocked at our facilities in the UK, the Agri-Max fans and spare replacement parts are all available for when you need it most.

British Made for British Farms

Featuring the world renowned Elta Fans impeller. We assemble, balance and pack by hand at our UK manufacturing facility which ensures at every stage, that your fan is built and tested to the highest standards.

3 Year Warranty

Each Agri-Max unit comes with a 3 year warranty, so you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.


  1. Available in Single Phase & Three Phase
  2. Up to 4.108 m3/s
  3. Available in 630mm, 710mm & 800mm models
  4. Features the proven Hydor motor, tried & tested on farm with the Elta Fans impeller since 2013

Agri-Max XL – Coming Soon

  1. Available in Three Phase
  2. Up to 9.759 m3/s
  3. Available as a 900mm model
  4. Features WEG motor technology for maximum performance

Direct Replacement

Designed, built and distributed in the UK, the Agri-Max follows industry-standard chimney sizing to be a direct replacement for your existing fan unit and fits standard ventilation chimneys from any manufacturer.

Installation Manuals

Agri-Max Chimney Tube Fan 630mm

Agri-Max Chimney Tube Fan 630mm

Agri-Max Chimney Tube Fan 710mm

Agri-Max Chimney Tube Fan 710mm

Agri-Max Chimney Tube Fan 800mm

Agri-Max Chimney Tube Fan 800mm

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