Building Services

We offer a wide range of market leading ventilation & hygiene products to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality products with a all encompassing customer service so we can understand your needs and provide a bespoke, optimised solution.

With over 55 years experience of fan engineering and system design, we manufacture and supply products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

We hold over £1m of stock in our warehouses in southern and central England. All of which is proudly manufactured by Hydor in the UK.


We provide and range of high performance, efficient fans for domestic applications including a variety of inline fans suitable for applications where longer duct runs are required.


We provide a variety of ventilation systems designed around improving air quality and meeting customers’ bespoke needs for commercial applications – available directly from stock.

Man Coolers

We stock a range of localised spot coolers in a variety of sizes. Our highly flexible fans are ideal for a large range of domestic, office and industrial applications.


Reduce heating expenditure by redistributing the build up of heat at ceiling level back down with our range of highly efficient products.


Market leading ventilation systems suitable for industrial applications, factories, kitchen extraction and warehouses.

Grilles, Louvres, Diffusers and Valves

We offer a range of air terminal devices, for the domestic, office, industrial or commercial applications, available directly from stock.


From hair dryers to hand dryers, we offer a range of Hygiene products suitable for a wide variety of premises including restaurants, pubs, shopping centres and hospitals.

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