Dairy Cooling

Have you ever experienced health and productivity issues with your cattle? These complications can occur by not having the correct environment, but that’s a problem which we can solve…

Environmental conditions can cause problems…

Is it too cold? Is it too hot? How do you get it just right? And no we’re not talking about Goldilocks!

If you’re experiencing low productivity in your cattle and are asking yourself these questions then there’s a good chance that your shed isn’t correctly ventilated.

A lot of animals have what’s known as a ‘Thermal Comfort Zone’ which is a range of temperature within an animal’s comfort.

When it gets too hot cows can develop heat stress and if they’re too cold and food conversion rate changes as they try to keep warm.

These issues can also lead to productivity problems, including a lower milk yield.

How can Hydor help you?

Design & Build

Our expert team will visit your farm, look at your current build and create a design that provides a solution to your problem.

Fast turnaround

We understand that time is of the essence for any farmer and we strive to provide you with the fastest possible turnaround whilst maintaining a high-quality build.

Quality ventilation products

Enjoy the peace of mind that we offer some of the highest quality products on the market. Durable and reliable, we’re proud to supply and install products fully bespoke to your needs.

Low running costs

We offer optimised solutions meaning you’ll also have the benefit of low running costs, saving you money long-term.

Reduced vet bills

Improved air-quality reduces the likelihood of health issues – which also means you don’t need to call your vet as much.

Happy, healthy livestock

One of the most valuable benefits is having happy cows, improving productivity and growth.

Our bespoke systems improve air quality and keep cows healthy and happy.

From completely automated temperature-controlled systems, through to simple on-off solutions, our bespoke systems work to aid the natural/designed ventilation of your shed and ensure that your animals remain healthy, comfortable and productive.

We offer a range of high flow circulation fans and controls to cover all areas on-farm from housing, to holding pens and to milking parlours.

We understand that no shed is the same and that your system set-up needs to be tailored to meet your farm’s individual requirements, which is why we offer essential advice on selection and placement to make certain that the ventilation system works as you need it to.

Our system is designed to offer flexibility, enabling it to operate with varying stock levels and to handle the fluctuating temperatures that the UK is known for.

The Hydor positive pressure tube ventilation system is designed to evenly introduce fresh air throughout the shed without cold draughts.

It reduces the build-up of moisture-laden, stagnant and stale air, and importantly, the bacteria and viruses that can easily be passed on to livestock, and significantly reduces cases of respiratory diseases in calf housing during rearing.

Our positive pressure tube system has been improving the health of livestock for over 15 years, and we continually work to improve and develop its design to ensure that it is the number one choice for UK agriculture.

Contact Hydor to find out how we can help…