De Gier GW20 200Nm Winch

  • 200Nm winch
  • All output styles available
  • Built-in full limit switch system
  • Optional built-in feedback potentiometer
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De Gier winches are well proven within the agricultural industry for reliable operation of opening and closing inlets, windows and popholes.

Features and Benefits

  • Winch available in 24VDC, 230V & 415V versions
  • Other sizes available to special order
  • Can operate inlets and windows with an operating length from 115mm up to 6000mm

Output styles available:

  • Rack and pinion
  • Chain and sprocket
  • Single or double pulley

3 standard sizes available: GW10 (100Nm) | GW20 (200Nm) | GW30 (300Nm). As a De Gier dealer, we can special order the complete range


De Gier gearboxes can be controlled with the following computers and controllers:

  • Rotem Platinum Touch
  • Rotem Platinum Pro
  • Rotem Platinum Junior
  • Rotem One
  • POLA Xfarm
  • POLA Qfarm
  • POLA HD40 Greenhouse Controller
  • POLA HC36 Natural Ventilation Controller
  • POLA HP23 Floating Proportional Control
  • POLA HP26 Two Zone Floating Proportional Controller
  • POLA HP32 Proportional Controler
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