Dairy & Beef

A comfortable cow is a happy and productive cow.

We are dedicated to providing dairy and beef farmers with products of the highest quality that keep their building and animals productive, efficient and healthy.

Hydor is dedicated to providing dairy and beef farmers with products that keep the building and animals productive, efficient and healthy.

Ventilation and air circulation equipment helps to move air through the whole dairy farm housing facilities, including milking parlours, calf housing, bull accommodation and other confinement buildings.

Ventilation has numerous benefits as it ensures ‘cow comfort’, alleviating the effects of conditions such as pneumonia and heat stress, which contributes to increased production efficiencies.

Dairy & Beef Applications

Milking Parlours

Introducing carefully selected ventilation and air circulation fans, results in excess heat being removed as well as enabling evaporative cooling from wet surfaces in the parlour.

Calf Housing

Adding mechanical ventilation can overcome potential airborne diseases in calves such as pneumonia, thereby reducing mortality rates and veterinary bills. One of the most effective methods to mechanically ventilate a calf house is by installing a fan with a polythene duct air distribution system.

Cow Cubicle Housing

These buildings are often large open areas requiring air movement to cool the animals in hot, humid weather. Fans would normally be suspended from the roof above the centre line of the dairy herd facing each other to blow air across the animals. HV Belt Drive fans are ideal for larger cow cubicle areas where large air volumes are required.

Holding Areas

Ventilation and cooling of the animals is critical where there are a large number of cows standing in a congested area for 30+ minutes before milking. A dairy cow’s body temperature will rapidly rise to an uncomfortable level. The importance of moving large volumes of air over the cows is paramount to the success at the milking stage.

Beef Cattle / Bull Housing

Many existing farm buildings developed to cater for these animals suffer from ‘still air’, which often leads to respiratory problems amongst beef cattle unless proper ventilation is provided. Hydor would advise the same principles as calf ventilation be applied, although more positive ventilation would be required due to the size of the animals.

Products Suitable for Dairy & Beef

Tube Ventilation System

Tube Ventilation System

HV Wall Mounted Belt Drive Fan 1250mm 230V 1.5kW

HV Wall Mounted Belt Drive Fan 1250mm 230V 1.5kW

Turbulator Recirculation Fan 450mm

Turbulator Recirculation Fan 450mm

Tube Ventilation System

Supplies fresh air to all parts of the building to dilute airborne pathogens and irritants.

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