Poultry & Game

Optimising environmental conditions with high-quality poultry ventilation, heating & controls.

Manufactured to the highest quality, we can supply heating, ventilation and control solutions to cater to every aspect of a poultry producer’s requirements.

Poultry Ventilation

After more than 55 years of creating the right environmental conditions for poultry producers, 
Hydor can boast a thing or two on poultry ventilation 
systems and design.

Whatever the application; hatcheries, pullets, free range eggs, barn eggs, battery hens or the broiler industry, with intense and free range housing, Hydor will evaluate and develop the most effective solution for your project.

Hydor can supply heating, ventilation and control solutions to cater to every aspect of a poultry producer’s requirements.
As poultry ventilation requirements change with the time of day, season, temperatures, humidity, wind, animal age and density, Hydor’s flexibility in matching client requirements enables poultry producers to enhance animal welfare, growth and feed conversion.

Poultry & Game Applications


Broiler houses can be ventilated using several methods; Conventional, Reverse-Flow and Tunnel ventilation. In high summer, misting evaporative cooling systems could be switched on to reduce temperatures. These should be carefully set to switch off when humidity levels rise too much or your litter could deteriorate.


Fans are used for either conventional or reverse-flow ventilation, with light baffles fitted to both inlets and outlets as strict light control is essential. This adds resistance to the system and must be considered in the initial calculations.


Hydor has supplied fans for many years to incubator manufacturers to meet their requirements in this very exacting process, and are able to supply replacement fan units at any time.

Free Range

These houses are usually naturally ventilated with some fan assistance provided in the form of roof or end mounted fans for high summer. Temperatures are controlled by opening and closing inlets in the side walls and outlets in the roof together, to give a variable air flow.

Laying Birds

Birds kept in multi-tiered batteries rely solely on ventilation, lighting, feeding and water. The normal rate of ventilation for powered ventilation houses is 4.75m/hr per Kg of live weight (1.25 c.f.m. per pound). Fans are mounted in the roof with side inlets and light baffles to reduce the light ingress.


Pullets are usually grown in houses similar to broiler houses, with roof extract and side inlets, or side extract and roof inlets, and are completely dependent on heat, ventilation, light, feeding and water. Layout and air movements would be similar to Conventional or Reverse flow Houses, but would require light proofing.

Products Suitable for Poultry & Game

Agri-Jet Roof Mounted Chimney

Agri-Jet Roof Mounted Chimney

Hydor Bespoke Control Systems

Hydor Bespoke Control Systems

Hato CORAX LED Poultry Lighting

Hato CORAX LED Poultry Lighting

Hydro Systems AquaBlend Xtreme 2% Variable

Hydro Systems AquaBlend Xtreme 2% Variable

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